Samsung Quantum Dot Tech might be its path to OLED TV Relevance.

Written by: Max Freeman-Mills

Date: 29 November 2019

Samsung's quantum dot tech might be its path to OLED TV relevance
Samsung Quantum Dot TV

Samsung knows a thing or two about OLED displays – it’s arguably the market leader when it comes to OLEDs for smartphones, with beautiful screens on its own devices and outsourced manufacturing to a bunch of other phone-makers. 

In terms of TVs, though, it’s had a little bit more trouble in recent years. The South Korean firm has made no secret of the fact that it wants to make high-quality LED televisions for the mass market, but has had difficulty in scaling production effectively.

Rather than going with the more well-known OLED technology, Samsung has been ploughing its own trough with QLED displays, which, while still very much good, haven’t been quite as impressive as some OLED competitors. 

Samsung’s not deterred, though, committing to build a plant, completed in 2025, to just to make its QLED TVs at a scale that becomes cost-effective. It may now have had a bit of a breakthrough, too.

Two of its researchers, Dr. Yu-Ho Won and Dr. Eunjoo Jang, have published a paper in scientific journal Nature detailing quantum-dot LED technology they’ve created that uses less hazardous materials and has a practical lifetime of up to a million hours. That’s the sort of useable life cycle that spells “commercially viable”. 

Lord knows we can’t have enough acronyms, so it looks like this tech will be called “QD-LED”, and Samsung seems to be all-in on the technology. However, given that we’re only at the stage of scientific studies for this new tech, it remains to be seen how long it will actually take for these fresh types of TV to actually hit the market.

Written by: Max Freeman-Mills


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